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We don’t follow the leader like everyone else. Let us build something unique together.

Every landscape design is different, and each project has its own challenges. The collective experience of our staff is so broad that we can handle any project.

Whether you have us landscaping the roof of an entire shopping mall or need a repair to a paver patio at your home, we bring the best practices and industry knowledge with us to every project. We’ve worked with some of the biggest companies in the area and are a highly sought after subcontractor for commercial jobs.

 Our residential track record is just as impressive. We have many satisfied A-list customers whose trust we’ve earned with quality work. We work through every project start to finish. The job is never done until the customer is satisfied.


University of Sioux falls

On a college campus, planning is everything.

This project came to us through a referral and we were up for the task of renovating the Cleveland Center at the University of Sioux Falls. The objective of the project was to give the existing landscape an updated look. Working on a busy college campus meant the team had to plan ahead and think strategically while navigating heavy machinery around pedestrians, vehicles and students.

Over 300 tons of material were removed from the site and over 400 tons of new material were brought in, including two 45-foot trees. Each of the Grizzly Brown Limestone accent boulders were handpicked and placed onsite one-by-one. Materials were chosen to compliment the school colors and specialty items were used to block the parking lot from view (which helps minimize the shine of headlights into nearby residential home


Residential Homes

Each residential home is a custom project – there’s nothing basic about this work. These projects come to us almost entirely from referrals and we often have repeat customers over the years. With this in mind, we plan and design our residential home landscapes

and hardscapes to allow for growth and future expansion. Our team utilizes materials that complement the color and style of the home, such as geometric features and pavers for more modern homes. Our designs range from rustic to formal, all with the objective of matching the home’s façade. 


D1- GL

At this GreatLIFE facility, the objective was clear: create a beautiful lawn that was easy to maintain. 

That’s exactly what we delivered with the help of Hydroseeding. The nearly 5-acre lawn was installed in the middle of the summer so it took some time for it to take hold, as the grass laid dormant until it received the water it needed. The end result was perfection, though, and to this day no sprinklers are used to keep the lawn healthy – only nature.

This landscape provides low maintenance, easy mowing lines and a clean look accented by natural quartzite boulders. 


CNA Building

The CNA Building was one of our first large commercial projects and it turned out to be a battle of the elements. From gradation challenges to freezing temperatures, this entire project had to be designed and installed to withstand the test of time – and water, with its proximity to the Big Sioux River. There was no room for error on this custom design. Each feature, material, block and boulder wall had to serve a purpose. 

The sheer size of the space was a challenge and required consultation with engineers and city planners to ensure the feasibility of design features. 

Despite Mother Natures challenges, this project was a success and still flourishes today.

Fun fact: We used the bedrock from the blasting underneath the building to form the walls throughout the landscape. In fact, many of the quartzite boulders used on a variety of Outdoor Specialties projects come from the CNA Building’s foundation.


South Dakota Department of Homeland Security

The primary focus of this project was not on aesthetic but rather, security. The objective was to provide the client with a low maintenance landscape that also protected the building from potential threats.

We used hydroseeding to create a uniform, healthy lawn and strategically placed several quartzite boulders throughout the property to serve as natural barricades.  


Phillips Ave Lofts

The goal of this project was to create a tranquil environment in an urban landscape. With its close proximity to Falls Park in Sioux Falls, design elements were chosen to compliment the natural environment. A custom patio was installed as an amenity for residents and plants were used to soften the space and provide seclusion along the busy Phillips Avenue.


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